Thursday, January 21, 2016

#16.002 My Poetry, Episode I

I've been wanting to share some of my poetry on this blog. 

I write in my journal, usually before going to bed. Not every night, but frequently. 

About a year ago, what started to come out on the page was some combination of poetry, prose, and spoken word. Images and feelings, sprinkled in. Metaphors and symbols. It's the sum of my thoughts and emotions, squeezed into words and phrases that kind of spill out on the page. I was starting to write not by thinking, but by following the feeling. It's more heart and stomach and less brain.  

Today's blog post is just here to share my most recent entry from a week ago. I believe it was late morning, and I was outside. 

The sun beats down  
The sun soaks
Everything in its light.
Well, not everything.
Everything that dares to be seen.
Anything willing to stick its neck out. 
Flowers and trees grow in the direction of the sun. 
They crane, they stretch, stretch, stretch 
to get a drop, a peek
They put themselves out there. 
What about me?  
Am I getting the sun's rays? 
Am I heating up? 
Getting warmer? 
In the right spot? 
Or hidden... 
Out of sight... 
If you want to see the light, 
feel the warmth, 
Step out.  


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